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Latest Episodes

Biden Isn't Going Anywhere

No one is replacing Biden on the ticket. Trump takes over the RNC. Democrats get a big win on Long Island. Links we discussedOne in Five Believe Taylor Swift Conspirac...

One Year On

Trial Balloon celebrates its first year with Taylor Swift. And then we unpack how Joe Biden was handed a gift by Republicans on immigration. Links we discussedTaylor S...

Rolling to the White House

Is Donald Trump rolling to the White House or is he in trouble? Democracy and immigration are the toughest issues.Links we discussedCan Anyone Stop Trump’s March to th...

14th Amendment Mailbag

Should Democrats try to disqualify Trump from the ballot? Or will it backfire?Links we discussed:Trump Set to Appeal 14th Amendment CasesSome more links: Taegan Goddar...


Trump's eligibility in question. Rudy's moral bankruptcy leads to his financial bankruptcy. It's too early to worry about the horse race polls. Links we discussed:The ...

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