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Latest Episodes

Thanksgiving Mailbag

We discuss Biden's chances, Trump's retribution, flipping congressmen, ranked choice voting, and our friend in Copenhagen.Some links: Taegan Goddard's Political WireCh...

One Year Out

What the 2023 off-year elections mean for 2024. And what Joe Manchin not running for re-election means for Joe Biden.Links we discussed:The Polls Weren’t That BadThe R...

It's a Later Problem

Republicans finally settle on a House Speaker but he wasn't really vetted. Meanwhile, Trump's co-defendants are flipping.Links we discussed:The House Considers Mike Jo...

Divided We Fall

The political realities of the terrorist attack on Israel and it's not your father's Republican party anymore.Links we discussed:Father Strips Down at School Board Mee...

The Divided Side Usually Loses

Republicans running for president have a debate train wreck while Republicans in the House are about to shut down the government.Links we discussed:Republican MathReac...

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