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Latest Episodes

The Bully Pulpit

Trump threatens to prosecute his political rivals... Why even a felony conviction won't upend this race... And does the bully pulpit still exist?Links we discussed:Tru...

Catch and Kill

The Trump trial and the split screen campaign. And Mike Johnson's power is backed by Democrats. Links we discussed:The Split Screen for the Next 6 WeeksTrump Is Alread...

Boxed In On Abortion

Arizona's abortion ruling is a disaster for Trump and Republicans. Stubborn inflation is a problem for Biden and Democrats. Can red states knock Biden off the ballot?L...

Watching Fox News

Does watching Fox News make you less informed? Could the House flip to Democratic control? Does RFK Jr. hurt Biden or Trump more?Links we discussedThose Who Don’t Watc...

Which GOP Candidates Were Worse: 2016 or 2024?

Which set of candidates were worse — 2016 or 2024? What do the polls really say eight months before the election? Does RFK Jr. matter?Links we discussedThere’s Plenty ...

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